Compassionate Arthritis Disability Claims Attorney

Dealing with the difficulties that come with arthritis on a daily basis often disrupts your ability to fully function in a workplace setting. When you’re unable to even hold a pencil without agonizing pain, it’s time you look into SSI benefits with a practiced arthritis disability attorney. At Oren & Oren, you know you’re getting all of the Social Security disability and Blue Book knowledge that you need to file your claims promptly and accurately.

Determining Eligibility for Arthritis Social Security Disability Claims

While qualifying for arthritis benefits is a complicated process, our over 34 years of experience as an SSI team in the Bakersfield area may give you peace of mind as we walk with you through each step. Determining eligibility when faced with arthritis generally involves:

  • A severe enough case that it affects your work capability
  • Documentation that you’ve received proper medical care for your condition for over three months
  • Medical evidence that shows constant swelling, pain and limited joint movement

Qualifying for Joint Pain Social Security Disability

While pain from joint damage is very common among the adult population, becoming eligible for SSI benefits for it takes the skill and knowledge of a joint pain disability attorney. According to the Blue Book, you must have a case that’s been medically documented via imaging and lab tests proving that you have an actual, physical joint deformity. When that abnormality prevents you from working on a steady basis, that’s when you qualify for Social Security benefits.

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At Oren & Oren, we’ve proudly served the Bakersfield, Fresno, Kings, Kern, Tulare and Madera areas since 1982. Whether you need a joint damage or diabetes disability lawyer, we may be able to help. Get started on filing your SSI claims quickly and easily by giving our friendly team a call today at (559) 438-9139.