If you experience severe migraine headaches, you may be wondering whether you can qualify for disability. The answer is yes. But it can be very difficult to obtain Social Security disability benefits. The process can be made easier with the help of a skilled disability lawyer. At Oren & Oren, we can guide you through the disability claims process and help you obtain benefits. Call us today.

What Are Symptoms of Chronic Migraines?

Migraines are neurological headaches that involve symptoms like nausea, vomiting, light and sound sensitivity, and more. Migraines can be mild, but are often debilitating and impact ability to work and live life normally. They can last between four and 72 hours, and sometimes longer. There are medications that treat migraines, but most people still suffer monthly or weekly headaches that impact their ability to live life normally. Chronic headaches are those that occur frequently. These are much different than occasional migraines, which are still an inconvenience.

Qualifying for Disability With Migraines

When determining can you get disability for migraines, you should evaluate the type of migraines you are experiencing and how they impact your life. If you suffer from occasional migraines, it may be impossible to qualify for disability. However, if you have chronic and severe migraine headaches, then you may be able to qualify for SSD. When evaluating your eligibility for disability, the Social Security Administration (SSA) will consider:

Limitations on Activities

The SSA does not establish specific guidelines to obtain disability if you have migraines. Instead, you must show that your migraine headaches cause you to be unable to work on a regular basis. Your migraines must significantly impact your level of functioning in order to get disability. You may be wondering can you get disability with migraines? You can if you can show that you experience significant limitations on your daily life and work abilities. Those limitations may include things like confusion, inability to concentrate, trouble understanding instructions, issues dealing with other people, problems lifting and walking, and trouble standing. The SSA will also consider the frequency of your migraine headaches, including how often you need to miss work due to headaches. When considering you for disability, the SSA will consider how all of your conditions limit your work activities. So, if you have other conditions in addition to migraines, then your total limitations will be considered. For example, if a hip injury prevents you from standing for a long period of time, then that would be considered when the SSA evaluates your overall ability to work.

Vocational Factors

While the SSA will consider whether or not you can do previous work due to your migraines, they will also evaluate whether you can do any type of work. If you are unable to complete any type of full-time, regular work, then you may be eligible for disability benefits. When determining can you get disability for migraines, the SSA will review many different aspects of consideration. The SSA will evaluate many vocational factors when considering can you get disability for migraines. They will look at your age, level of education, and past employment. If your vocational factors indicate that you can do any type of work while dealing with migraines, then you may not be approved for disability.

Medial Evidence to Support Disability for Migraines

When applying for disability with migraines, it’s important to present medical evidence with your case. You should provide the following to the SSA:
  • Doctor records and notes
  • Test results for all conditions
  • List of medications
  • Records of other treatments and their outcomes
  • ER visits and hospitalizations due to migraines
  • Diary of migraine frequency and severity
It’s important to provide all medical records regarding your limiting conditions to the SSA. They may also request that you see another independent doctor to support your claims.

Can You Get Disability for Migraines? Learn How a Disability Lawyer Can Help

Obtaining disability benefits can be difficult, and the SSA denies many claims. An appeal can be even more difficult. It’s important to work with an attorney who understands the disability claims process. Call Oren & Oren today for more information.