Find an Experienced Fresno Social Security Disability Lawyer to Help You

You start a Social Security disability claim by filing an application with a local California Social Security office.
Many people take this first step of filing their claim on their own, without hiring a disability lawyer. Unfortunately, most applications for disability benefits are denied and after that the process of pursuing a disability claim becomes much more complicated.

Government statistics show that disability claimants are more likely to get a disability award if they hire a disability lawyer

A report by the Social Security Administration Inspector General includes statistics that show that people have a better chance of getting Social Security disability benefits if they are represented by a disability lawyer.
The report does not speculate on why the percentage is better for claimants who have disability lawyers, but some of the reasons may be that the disability lawyer’s experience in handling Social Security disability claims means that:
  • The disability lawyer has learned what it takes to convince the Social Security Administration that a claim is valid.
  • The disability lawyer is able to show the claimant and other witnesses how to testify at the appeal hearing to best explain how the claimant’s impairment makes it impossible for him or her to work.

A Social Security disability lawyer can start helping you at any point in your case

A disability lawyer can become involved in your case at either time. That is if you want you can hire a lawyer right away to help prepare the Social Security disability application. Or, if you would prefer, you can file the application yourself, and wait until after the application has been denied before hiring your Fresno Social Security disability lawyer.

An experienced disability lawyer can help in many ways

Your Fresno disability lawyer will decide what is needed for your case. Each case is different, and your disability lawyer will have to evaluate what to do for you. However, some of the things that a disability lawyer will frequently do are:
  • Talk to the doctors or therapist to ensure that their written reports to the Social Security Administration are thorough and answer all the questions that the Administrative Law Judge will have.
  • Explain to you what to expect at your hearing and help you find ways to explain how your impairment prevents you from working.
  • Work with you to decide who might be good witnesses to testify about how your impairment affects you.
  • Represent you at the appeal hearing and present any needed legal arguments to the Administrative Law Judge.

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