Lupus Social Security Disability Lawyer

Disseminated (systemic) lupus erythematosus can be a debilitating medical condition deserving of Social Security disability benefits. This material surveys the more significant cases discussing the medical condition in a Social Security disability context. Please note that discoid lupus should be distinguished from systemic lupus erythematosus in terms of medical significance.


Develop the record regarding all symptoms including arthritis, joint pain, kidney or blood disorders, skin eruptions, and/or fever. Be sure your subjective complaints are corroborated with medical evidence from the treating medical providers.

As is the case with most legal claims, what counts in disability evaluations is what you can prove. If no medical records exist to support your claim of disability, you are unlikely to be successful. SSA figures that if your medical condition is severe enough to keep you from working, then it should justify doctor visits, tests, diagnosis, and treatment.

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